Pedagogical model

The model we have developed depend on the contexts of practices, in any case, always have a vocation for experimentation and innovation, they explore new modalities that offer a breakthrough in the ways to organize, manage, analyze and develop the practicum with the advancement of information and communication technologies. In any case, always seek to establish learning in students with a balance between the experiences developed in practice centres and faculties of education contexts.


The models are more or less consolidated according to career, as it is the case of the model of supervision in the early childhood education degree with more of 10 years. This model has been the result of the collaboration of all departments of the faculty who had links with the practicum in early childhood education, being coordinated by the direction of the research group Gtea. Currently it is reformed to respond to curricula reforms by this same group of research with the collaboration of other research teams in the University of Granada and the University of Vigo.

In the case of other qualifications, as the title of the primary degree and other qualifications of the Faculty of education (Secondary master, Pedagogy and Social educator), We are at the beginning of the design of a model to suit curriculum initiated in the 2010-11.