Study of journals 2005-08

The research is part of the previous project on the evaluation of supervision with ePortafolios models, where is carried out an analysis in greater depth and more specific on the wording of the diaries of students. Here seeks to understand the construction of the “practice speeches"made by students in his diaries and evolve over time. The specific objectives of this study are:

1. Know what kind of thoughts and topics raised students in his analysis of the experiences lived in the Practicum and collected in his diaries and its evolution in time.

2. Know your evolution synchronic and diachronic class on the same course and during the analyzed four group.

The project was exhibited by the team of the International Symposium on the Practicum research and practices in Poio. Pontevedra June 2011.

It was financed by the order of 03/09/2007 Boja No. 187 21/09/2007. Directorate-General for research, Technology and Enterprise. Junta de Andalucia GI2007/SEJ462/E-porfolio.

Research team.

Cebrián de la Serna, Manuel (University of Málaga) (Coord.)

Marinez Figueira,Maria Esther (University of Vigo)

Martinez Serrano,M ª Carmen (University of Jaén)

Purse Moya, John J. (University of Málaga)

Raposo Rivas, Manuela (University of Vigo)

Queen Jimenez, Elisabeth (University of Málaga)

Ruiz Palmero, July (University of Málaga)