Evaluation models of Supervision 2005-08

This research studies the practices of supervisors when they use ePortafolios, and its impact on the reflections of the students in the Practicum. In particular, is to compare an oversight when it uses «Dialogic communication» and ePortafolios through the internet against the only face-to-face supervision.

The context of the study lies in the Practicum of the Faculty of Sciences of education during five consecutive academic years (2003-2008), involving all teachers and departments involved in the degree of master in early childhood education. The study was made possible by the treatment and analysis of records collected in the technological system. Research is a "case study" with qualitative methodology, focusing on the ePortafolios of the students of all the teachers who work in the Practicum in a defined time. Within this group is a more in-depth of a case of monitoring study during five courses, where are collected and analyzed 1349 student journals.

Analyte monitoring model has been developed and improved every year within the framework of projects of educational innovation (FOOT completo). This model has continued to evolve and has currently reached its own pedagogical and technological model.


1. Analyze different supervisory practices with the use of the eportafolios and its evolution in time.

2. Analyze the impact of different practices of students about their experiences in practicum supervision reflections when medium or not the eportafolios and the "Dialogic communication".

The project was exhibited by the team of the International Symposium on the Practicum research and practices in Poio. Pontevedra June 2011.

It was financed by the order of 03/09/2007 Boja No. 187 21/09/2007. Directorate-General for research, Technology and Enterprise. Junta de Andalucia GI2007/SEJ462/E-porfolio.

Research team.

Cebrián de la Serna, Manuel (University of Málaga) (Coord.)

Marinez Figueira,Maria Esther (University of Vigo)

Martinez Serrano,M ª Carmen (University of Jaén)

Purse Moya, John J. (University of Málaga)

Raposo Rivas, Manuela (University of Vigo)

Queen Jimenez, Elisabeth (University of Málaga)

Ruiz Palmero, July (University of Málaga)