The Group has experiences in seminars, courses and workshops for teachers of different levels on various related topics with Projects of educational innovation and best practices in the use of ICT for education, as it can be seen in the map of the courses.

Especially have carried out different training courses above ePortafolios and its main tools:CoRubric and Open Video Annotation in different universities and non-university training centers, with the objectives and contents which are detailed below:


How can I reach out to a formative evaluation with large and small groups based on competencies and supported in virtual environments?

How can I monitor a competencies-centred learning, with a formative evaluation and remote?


1. Evaluating learning. Formative and summative assessment
2. ePorfolios
2.1. What is an ePorfolios?
2.2.Types of portfolios:
2.3. Learning with the ePorfolios process
2.3. Quality of the process
2.4. Elements of the ePorfolios and support
2.5. Type of tasks
2.6. Advantages and disadvantages
2.7. A case study.
3. Corubricas and Open Video Annotation
3.1. What is an electronic header and the video annotations? How can you use headings and annotations of formative assessment video?
3.2.. Types of erubricas and evidence. Modalities of practical applications of the videoanotaciones
4. Case study.