Federated ePortafolios

With the rise of Web 2.0 have been considering the idea that is increasingly “Internet platform” and that the ePortafolios are closest to the Personal learning environments students (PLE), so, our current commitment is a model of Open ePortafolios. For this we created a Gtea open environment where can users customize and choose the Federated tools that interests your model doncente.

This idea means a step forward with respect to all the previous ePortafolios, and as such, It is not without limitations and difficulties as all model and pedagogical practice that ventures through the paths of innovation (Cebrian, M. 2011). On the one hand, systems and technologies not respond completely to this idea of open eportafolios (Moodle, Ilias, WebCT…) by imposing a model the own student and be back to the rapid evolution of the tools on the internet; and on the other hand, consider an educational setting with tools on the internet without a control and mechanisms of identity safe, We do not consider it appropriate for academic certification processes.

The solution we think is currently in the possibilities offered by the rise of Federation systems and mechanisms of identity that promotes Rediris with the SIR. In addition to federated access to Google and Facebook.

This new concept and technology model aims to use these technologies of Federation and identity mechanisms to create a Federated ePortafolios, with the advantages of an open and safe environment. The tools and their functions could be among others the following:

-CoRubric. The training competency assessment tool, with evaluations of pairs, ipsative, self-assessment, evaluations of pairs, evaluation of groups…

-Open Video Annotation -OVA-. tool with access by SIR Federation and federated access to Google and Facebook.