Model ePortafolios

DisenoPLEPortafolioFrom a pedagogical perspective, our idea of ePortafolios -see the technological perspective in another space- It stands as something that goes beyond an individualized exercise, as a work-sharing and collaboration, not only from personal experiences but experiences shared among everyone in the process (Joint and peer evaluation, shared projects, definition of goals and objectives negotiated with the supervisor and other students, etc.).

For this reason, our model focuses on the personal development of tasks involving professional skills, all of them constitute evidence of learning in the ePortfolios, which develops from a formative evaluation with Erubricas model with Corubric; and where is given much importance to establish formulas that allow the communication of this ePortafolios of the students with the supervisor at the University, with the tutors in the classrooms of practices and with all other students through different media practicum, as it is the case of Open Video Annotation.

The most important moments that owns the process of learning and assessment using ePortafolios would be: Documentation, evaluation and communication.modelo
All these elements are produced in a cycle that can range from negotiation and understanding of objectives, through the planning, development and collection of evidence, the reflection on experience and learning, writes a publication that communicates. The communication of experiences is recommended to occur with the supervisor and other actors (tutor of practices, experts, other practical and other students from different courses and institutions…), where it applies and examines the criteria of rubric for assessment of learning outcomes, until the end of the final publication of the experience of practical work experience or external. Video annotations we share experiences and add meanings, interpretations and values to lived in practices.