Child Congress, Seville 2016

1. To download the presentation of the Conference Dr. Manuel Cebrián de la Serna: The multimedia Federated PLE-portafoliosfor the initial training of teachers in early childhood education (Download pdf Conference)

2. To enter in the Workshop of rubrics them just have to give this Click


If you want to charge heading into the mobile here have a QT

Here you have two headings:

One displays the level of use and the type of ICT in the classrooms of children education of all who give of high in Congressdo many times use ICT in the classroom of pre-school education?

Another allows you to see the evidence and indicators for Assessing learning outcomes of students of child

3. To make annotations in videos of the experiences of the Annotation APP project and other experiences. Follow these steps:

a.- Go to

b.- Then it is recommended to click on Google or Facebook, If you have an identity of a University you can use it too, but google has many more federated tools.

c. Once identified by any identity provider (p.e. Google) to enter in the group that we have prepared for the workshop of the Congress it will ask you a key, Add:


d. The steps go showing you them in the workshop.