Seminar in Sweden

During the 14-16 may 2012, Dr. Manuel Cebrián de la Serna made a stay in Stockholm University to develop different seminars on the use of erubrica in university teaching, especially in the supervision of postgraduate students, master and doctorate.

The visit was funded by Erasmus (teaching mission) for the course 2011-12, taking the following results:

to) Tuesday 15 May, (In the morning) Department of Computer and System Sciences, Kista (Stockholm University). Seminar for developers and technicians who maintain the platform for the supervision of teachers, that experiences in this subject matter is exchanged from a technical point of view.

b) Tuesday 15 May, (in the afternoon) Centre for learning and teaching, Frescati (Stockholm University). Permanent training of teachers on University didactics Center.

Seminar with supervisors of doctorate, Dissertations and master in general. Here dealt with methodologies on supervision with the help of technologies, especially exposed the experiences that the Group of Málaga has in that field with the use of eportafolios and erubricas.

c) Wednesday 16 May, visit the Faculty and The Department of Didactic Science and Early Childhood Education. Meeting with the Coordinator of the office of international and Daniel Hedlund collaborator of that office.

Seminars / Summary

The European Space for Higher Education highlights the importance of focusing education on students' learning. It also claims that students should achieve certain skills in self-teaching process guided by their teachers. This approach demands from students to reflect upon and self-assess their learning, thus requiring some research to be conducted on new technologies that allow for a greater involvement of students in education, and especially a higher commitment of students in their assessment process.

Rubric evaluation is part of this conception of formative assessment. It is an evaluation method and at the same time it is a technique and an assessment management tool that calls for an improvement in the evaluation criteria.

From different projects [1] analyzed the use of erúbrics and eportfolios in higher education, showing four presentations from different perspectives (technological-pedagogical-research) in an attempt to adapt to the role and interest of those attending the seminar:

(Tool) Federated rubric. Objective: To present the features and capabilities of the erubric created in research projects.

(Pedagogy) Federated rubric. Objective: Show the use of the rubric for university education, especially in supervision. Three cases of use will be displayed depending on the number of students.

(Research) Federated rubric. Objective: Show the type research on the impact on the section on learning (objectives, methodology, data collection, variables, etc.).

(Techno) Federated rubric. Objective: Present technology is the basis of this tool: Federated systems. Display contexts and projects where we have applied this technology.

[1] Projects
Project: erubrica service for evaluation of learning
Center for the design of rubrics in Distance Education, Sined -México-
- Supervisory model and erubricas eportfolios
Federated system research group “Gtea”: web tools


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