Technology model

Most of the institutions currently use platform - LMS- closed from our point of view, as students do not use of interoperable tools and its personal technological environment - PLE-, circumstance that increasingly separates students from institutions. As the latter cannot be at the pace of emerging technologies and the former already have an environments sophisticated - not always- the platforms of the institutions to limit them. For this and the following reasons we prefer a multimedia Federated PLE-portafolio:

Ple-portafolios1. An environment more personalized

2. Evolve with experimentation and not wait to see what offers the new version of LMS (Moodle, Mahara, Ilias, Sakai, etc)

3. We didn't adapt to the implicit model of the platforms, We want to experience our model and improve it constantly

4. We are looking for a model more flexible that could incorporate the developments and advances of internet: that internet is the platform"and mobile technology

5. Not all the eportafolios need the same technological solution

6. Closer to the models of informal learning that occur today in internet

In this balance the gtea group has a "federated environment" Gteavirtual with a list of tools from which the teacher and students can choose to customize your practicum project, all of them federated with other tools that the student choose from internet. Passing a land PLE-Portafolios (safe as any LMS) and multimedia (with possibility of incorporating tools and internet-based multimedia content).

As you can see in the image, students will prefer to logean with the qe identity provider (Google, Facebook, institutions…) and once entering one tool can enter the others without login. Circumstance that happens many times within the universities themselves to enter the different services offered (moodle platform, Library, Notes service, etc.)