Standing improvement of the Practicum 1997-99

The improvement of the quality of the work experience in the initial training of teachers of children and primary levels with the use of technological resources. Funded by the concierge of education and science of the Junta de Andalucía, Consolidated research group with number HUM0369. From 1997-1999.


to) detect the budgetary requirements, training, curriculum, organizational, techniques,… needed to carry out successfully, efficiency and profitability, a training model which used the latest technological resources (Media & networks) with different objectives: as a means and as an end.

b) design, produce, experiment and evaluate materials and technological resources (videographic productions, CD-ROM and Hypertext, materials for use on the Internet,…) to support the Practicum supervision in all its moments (prior, during and subsequent to the implementation of practices in the non-university centers). Initially we started with some supervisors of teachers of early childhood education and physical education specialties.

We presented our project to the Institute of Education Sciences of the University of Malaga, the funding of the necessary infrastructure, defined in:

-Temporary transfer of modems, connection and high Internet through Infovía three collaborating centers.
-Request to the internal combustion engine. of the University of Malaga in order to use your Web server in order to introduce our materials, at the same time that a discussion list for all students enrolled in e1 project communication.
-Formation of the "involved" in the project (professors of the faculty supervisors, student teachers and teachers of the centers) two more application tools: web browser and email.