Annotation Practice Project -APP- (2015-17)

Annotation Practice Project -APP- (2015-17)comes within the framework of actions for the Project eTablet Gtea group [No. SEJ462/2010-11/APP]funded both by the Junta de Andalucía and the University of Malaga.

This work aims to achieve a model of practices with the use of ICT in the classrooms of pre-school education, they are viable and sustainable; at the same time, a database of good practices in the use of ICT in child in video format, allow the training of future teachers and teaching in assets who want to implement ICT in their classrooms.

Are objectives of this work:

1. Use and application of ICT by teachers in the classrooms of children.

2. Develop a list of solutions for each of the most relevant classroom practices in early childhood education, that provide models and viable and sustainable activities.

3. Develop a data base upon “Good teaching practices” in the use of ICT for education.

4. Validate the contents of the database on good practices between different experts and involved in early childhood education with the software developed by the GroupOVA; as well as, create a methodology of analysis.

5. Establish programs of initial and ongoing formation with video database.

6. Develop collaborative projects between teachers using OVA

Members of the project

Dr. Manuel Cebrián de la Serna (Director), University of Málaga

DRA.Elizabeth Queen CEIP. Maruja Mallo (Malaga)

Dr. Rafael Pérez Galán, University of Málaga

Dr. Jose Antonio Arjona, University of Málaga

Dr. Francisco Ruiz Rey, University of Málaga

Dr. Daniel Cebrián Robles, University of Málaga

DoñaSusana Torreblanca Diaz CEIP. Maruja Mallo (Malaga)

Doña Eva Ventura CEIP. Maruja Mallo (Malaga)

Doña Natalia Quero, Student Assistant College of education, University of Málaga.

Collaboration with other institutions and research groups:

DRA. Lucila Pérez,Centre of innovation and technology for learning - appointment- Universidad Casa Grande(Ecuador).

DRA. Mayerly Ruiz, Alpha research group, Universidad Católica de Manizales (Colombia).

Executed phases

1. Development of an instrument which we call “PACTI” Classroom practices with technology in early childhood education It contains a list of tasks with the use of ICT to the classroom in children. This section has several moments: a.) Validate the list of PACTI tasks by experts using Delphi technique, b.) Learn about the use of ICT in the classroom of pre-school education. c.) Select technological solutions to each of these validated practices that are viable,sustainable and easy to use.

-Working session 11/06/2015. CEIP. Maruja Mallo.

Implementation phases

2. Pass PACTI populations of teachers of early childhood education in the idea of knowing what kind of practices and made use of ICT in their classes. With this information we will be able to develop a map of the current status of practices, How to make programs and strategies of training in this area.

3. Develop a database in video format that responds to each of the practices of the PACTI list for using analysis OVA. Before you create this database, We will carry out a pilot project with a video of 3 minutes that we validate. The collaboration of a group of students of 4th year we have for this pilot video 2015-16 of pedagogy (Cristina Santos Robles, Francisco Velasco, Eva Morales Conde, Natalia Torres Quero, Soraya Vargas Rojas and Patricia Ariza Lopez). Collecting images for the creation of the first pilot video.