Project eTablet: Video games for infant and primary

From 2012 the Gtea group is implementing in the form of pilot project, video games with Tablet and other technological equipment (digital Whiteboard, etc) for teaching language and mathematics at primary centers. The project “eTablet video games for infant and primary (2012-16)”, It is financed by the Junta de Andalucía {SEJ462/2010-11/eTablet] with the support of the University of Malaga.

This project shares experience with other centres and researchers that follow this line of research as: DRA. Lucila Pérez University of Casa Grande (Ecuador) and Maria Bergman of Stockholm University (Sweden).

The project is mainly financed with own resources Gtea group financed by the Junta de Andalucía; as well as, of the University of Malaga. With the collaboration of the students of 3rd and 4th year of teaching practices, setting up a model of practicum where students can acquire skills specific to their grade (teacher training, educational & academic advice, analysis and selection of resources, ICT impact assessment, etc.).

We have also created a collaboration agreement Gtea and the Swedish company producing apps Chilikids for the experimentation of your products in our project.

Are objectives of this project:

-Designing a model of educational intervention that experience and get conclusions on models to implement the videogames in classrooms of nursery and primary.

-Select, classify, experiment and assess the practical app and internet-based educational programs and educational portals.

-Developing quality indicators about app's video game applied to language and mathematics education.

Members of the research team.

Dr. Manuel Cebrián de la Serna (Director)

Dr. Juan José purse Moya

DRA. Elizabeth Queen

Doña Rosa Fuentes García

Teachers and centers pilot:

Doña. Elizabeth Queen,DoñaSusana Torreblanca Diazand Doña Eva Venturaearly childhood education from the C.P. Maruja Mallo (Malaga), and Rosa Fuentes García Primary education Frigiliana (Malaga).


Award project CSIC “MAGNETISM IN SCHOOL“. Tutor: Eva Ventura Gonzalez. Early childhood education (5 years). CEIP. Maruja Mallo. Alhaurín de la Torre, Malaga. CEP in Malaga. Advisor to the CEP: Carmen Ortiz. [+ information] Video of the experience.

Purse Morales, C., & Purse Moya, JJ. (2015). Entering the maze, what you will if you play?. Playfully, 4(7).

Queen Jimenez, E. & Galan Perez, (R).(2014). The use of the tablet as a teaching resource to motivate reading children's 3, 4 and 5 years: evaluating learning.III International Workshop on establishment of MOOC with multimedia annotations 5-7 Sea 2014. © Gtea. University of Málaga. 13 / 978-84-695-9562-6